Savannah Nider has mesmerized the listeners with pristine tunes of pop in the track ‘We Are Us’

Savannah Nider has belted out a ripper of a music video of the sensational number ‘We Are Us’. She has enthralled with the fascinating and exquisite pop track. The young prodigy in the contemporary pop, Savannah Nider, based out of Nebraska has taken the music world by storm. She has dished out the phenomenal track ‘We Are Us’ in a breathtaking music video to conquer the heart of millions. Her unwavering passion for music other than sports and family was noticed at the tender age of 15. She worked with legends like Kenny Royster, Steve Cox, Geno LeSage, and Collin Rae very early in her career. She had an immense personal setback when her grandmother Linda passed away because of cancer which prompted her to make music her priority in life. After graduating in 2014, she married and shifted base to Nashville in 2019. To watch her music video, you can plug into major trending platforms like YouTube.

In the track ‘We Are Us’ by the gifted Savannah Nider, there is a gorgeous and glossy vocal. The lyrical hook is flamboyant with a sculpted rhythm. She collaborated with Joie Scott to co-write the song ‘Until Always’. Her first EP was produced by Steve Marcantonio and Bryan Cole in 2019. She has reached the number one spot in iTunes charts of singles in South Africa with this song. You can check out her shared posts on Facebook and Twitter.

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