sapientdream’s “Past Lives” Receives an Ian Asher Transformation

Celebrating a monumental milestone of surpassing 100 million streams for his track “past lives,” sapientdream, also known as Slushii’s alter ego, proudly announces the addition of rising star Ian Asher as the latest remixer for this viral sensation.

The growing prominence of the sapientdream project marks a thrilling new chapter for Slushii, characterized by a newfound sense of creative liberation and a return to his musical roots after a two-year exploration into the realms of commercial music and hip-hop. By establishing a distinct creative avenue apart from the Slushii persona, opportunities for dynamic collaborations have flourished, welcoming emerging talents like Ian Asher, whose meteoric rise in the industry has captivated audiences worldwide.

Asher’s reinterpretation of “past lives” metamorphoses the tranquil, lo-fi melody into an electrifying anthem fit for festivals and club settings, aligning more closely with the energy of a Slushii live performance rather than the tranquil ambiance of sapientdream’s realm. With sapientdream’s original ingenuity and Asher’s innate talent showcased in his remix, “past lives” continues its momentum as one of the most influential dance tracks of the past year.