sandose Treats Us To His Worldly Soundscape with “Bottle” [LISTEN]

Understated West Michigan talent sandose won’t remain that way for long. As the producer gears up for a full EP release, we’re treated early to his worldly sounds with “Bottle,” which truly breaks the mold. Classified as “world bass,” the new single packs in endless imagination and cinematic elements that drive the production to the edge. A light, approachable feel is met with deep, mysterious bass, creating an atmosphere all its own. Delving deep into the sounds of sandose, you never hear the same thing twice. Simply put, the producer brings a unique style and blend of music to the table that can not be heard anywhere else. Through a mix of organic and inorganic sounds, sandose creates a dynamic, psychedelic experience. As heard with this particular release, his driving synth lines and thick sub basses match seamlessly. sandose is much better heard than explained. Listen here and get to know sandose below.

sandose – Bottle