Sander Van Doorn Drops Exceptional New Track “I Dream”

Sander van Doorn has been on a hot streak in 2020 putting out a steady string of releases that have seen the legendary Dutch producer dabble in a variety of different styles. Now we’ve been treated to what might be SVD’s best release of the year, “I Dream.” “I Dream” is one of those tracks that blends more modern production elements with a bit of an old school flair.

The track opens with dreamy, male falsetto (a la’ ZHU) before giving way to some bright piano chords and a bubbling bassline in the buildup. SVD’s old school fans will absolutely love the bright synth melody that becomes the drop. The bright soaring synths recall his classic collab with Martin Garrix, “Gold Skies,” and the song has that same main stage feel to it!

Check out the trippy music video for Sander van Doorn’s latest single “I Dream” out now on Spinnin’. It’s been a little while since SVD last performed on a live stream, but you can re-live his most recent one, a special Trance Energy set for Mysteryland Radio. Sander is also scheduled to play at AWAKE, a beach festival in Croatia, this weekend as well. All of us Americans are extremely jealous if you’re lucky enough to make the show!