San Pacho Drops Scorching Latin-Tech House Banger “Afloja” with Buitano & Fatboi

Prepare to be mesmerized by San Pacho’s latest track, “Afloja,” now available on Terminal Underground! This blazing tune, created in collaboration with Buitano and Mexican-American rapper Fatboi, is poised to dominate party playlists everywhere. “Afloja” offers a captivating mix of Latin-tech house beats that will transform any gathering into an unforgettable dance experience.

“Afloja” brilliantly showcases the unique talents of each contributing artist. Fatboi’s catchy vocals blend seamlessly with infectious rhythms to produce a dance anthem that is impossible to resist. From the track’s very first drop, it electrifies the atmosphere, making it an essential for club and festival DJs. San Pacho’s masterful fusion of vibrant Latin sounds with the raw energy of tech house is on full display, ensuring an exhilarating experience for all listeners.

Get ready to embrace the energy of “Afloja” as it takes over dance floors worldwide. This track is not just music; it’s a celebration of rhythm, energy, and sheer enjoyment. Turn up the volume and let San Pacho guide you through a thrilling musical journey with “Afloja.”

Hailing from Croatia, San Pacho has swiftly established himself in the tech house scene with his distinctive production style. Influenced by industry giants like Skrillex, Diplo, and Dillon Francis from a young age, San Pacho committed himself to developing his unique sound. His musical journey reached a significant milestone with the release of his debut single on Tchami’s prestigious label, Confession, in April 2019. This breakthrough set the stage for a series of successful tracks that blend tech house and club house elements, gaining support from leading DJs around the globe.

San Pacho’s collaboration with Matroda on the track “La Pasion” in 2021 propelled him into the spotlight, receiving extensive radio, festival, and club play worldwide. His momentum carried into 2022 with hits like “Pieces Of Me” and “Pride” on deadmau5’s hau5trap label, as well as chart-toppers “Elektro” and “Amor” on Beatport. His ability to captivate audiences was further highlighted with his mixtape “The Vault,” featuring a selection of his infectious, unreleased tracks.

Both San Pacho and his collaborators, with their unique styles and diverse backgrounds, continue to make waves in the music industry, garnering critical acclaim and a growing fanbase in their respective genres.