San Holo’s Sophomore Album,“bb u ok?” Is Officially Out Today

It’s been three years since San Holo’s debut album, album1, and the Dutch artist has not only managed to hone in on his core sound but expand it exponentially. And while I fully realize that those actions are inherently at ends with each other, think of it as zooming in on the light spectrum and seeing all the other myriad colors found within a magnified portion of the spectrum. (Yes, I’m using a “light” metaphor.) His sophomore album, bb u ok?, is officially out today, featuring a sprawling 20 tracks, including collaborations with Bipolar Sunshine, The Nicholas, American Football, Weezer, Chet Porter, and capping it off with Mija & Mr. Carmack.

Prior to the release, we’d already received six expansive singles, which, on any typical album release, might seem like a lot. But with 20 songs, it was barely more than a quarter of the full listening experience and there’s so much more to experience and discover within the folds of the emotional and creative body of work. The combination of San’s bleeding-heart guitar chords, processed vocals, and delicate synths serenade throughout the album, more pronounced, more nuanced, more meaningful than ever before.

Listen to the new album below, in the morning, at night, when you’re happy, when you’re sad, when you need to get over an ex, when you’ve found someone new, when you need to feel your feelings or escape them.

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