San Holo Unleashed 2 More Tracks Ahead Of His Forthcoming Album bb u ok?

San Holo just unleashed two more tracks — “black and white” and “MY FAULT” — ahead of his forthcoming album bb u ok?, due out May 21. The first track “black and white” builds on the fiercely emotive tones we’ve heard from the album thus far, carving a delicate, uplifting space of its own with a plethora of vibrant elements. Meanwhile, “MY FAULT” takes an unexpected turn, as soft lyrics and light guitar strums are overtaken by gritty synths, and the experimental production only builds from there.

“MY FAULT is an acoustic-ish song that means so much to me,” San Holo shares, “it ain’t a good ‘radio song.’ it’s not a good ‘playlist song.’ however, it’s one of the most important songs i’ve written. love!”

San Holo’s double drop aligns with previously released album singles “IT HURTS!,” title track “bb u ok?” and “find your way” with Bipolar Sunshine. As we know from the tracklist, there are plenty more unheard collabs to come with The Nicholas, American Football, Rivers Cuomo of Weezer, Chet Porter, Mija & Mr. Carmack, and one more with Bipolar Sunshine.

Listen here and catch the bb u ok? feels.


San Holo – black and white / MY FAULT

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