San Holo Releases New Collaboration, “Honest” with Broods, Years In The Making

As any artist can tell you, sometimes it can take literal years for a song concept to come to fruition and see release. A lot of times, these songs don’t end up standing the test of time — and while they might have been stellar in the moment, due to bureaucracy or whatever else, they end up falling short later on and get scrapped. Now I’m not saying that’s what happened with San Holo’s new song, “Honest,” at all. In fact, even years after it was conceived, “Honest” is still brutally beautiful and just as relevant as it must have been when it was just a sparkle in San’s eyes.

According to the press release spread this morning, while San Holo initially conceived the song, ultimately it became a collaborative effort with Broods’ Georgia Nott and San Holo’s co-writers, Kyle Shearer and Nate Campany, joining forces. The song explores the theme of pure intentions and staying vibrant in all of one’s interactions.

San Holo says, “‘Honest’ is a song I wrote a few years back about being honest in every aspect of your life. It delves into the idea of being as genuine as possible when you meet someone, even if nothing comes of it. I would rather be transparent from the start than create a false sense of who I am or what I expect.”

Georgia Nott adds, “Like a lot of songs I write, it half came out of the subconscious pool in my brain. It’s one of those songs that you listen to a year later and understand what you meant more than when you wrote it. It’s just about feeling like there is nowhere to hide when somebody truly sees you as you and asking to have the same transparency in return.”

Listen to the new single below.

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