San Holo Released An Emotional New Single “IT HURTS!”

San Holo released a new song today to put you in your feelings. The production is a smooth, easy listen, working emotional synths and guitar, as well as subtle trap elements to shape a perfect storm of feels. The production builds, and swells, tugging on heart strings before making you want to scream “IT HURTS!” And, that’s totally ok — just let it out. San Holo shares of the release:

I wrote “IT HURTS” about love originally, but just like a lot of my music it’s just as applicable to life in general. There are ups and downs in life and plenty of moments that ‘hurt’. Life can be tough. Life can be ugly. But it’s that pain that makes it all ‘real’, whether that’s pain coming from love, or just the struggles of life in general. Sometimes feeling pain is better than feeling nothing at all. Everything shapes you into who you are — the good and the bad.

Time and time again, San expertly and beautifully melds electronic with instrumental, producer with singer/songwriter, to create something thoughtful and authentic. “IT HURTS!” is no exception. Listen here!

San Holo – IT HURTS!

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