San Holo Drops First Single From Gouldian Finch three, His Own “Lead Me Back”

The first Gouldian Finch compilation from bitbird was released in 2016, with the second following it up just the next year. However, with San Holo’s album coming out in 2018, the label clearly had a little too much on its hands to keep up the momentum of one a year. Fortunately, fans won’t have to wait long for #3 to come out. San Holo has just released the first single from Gouldian Finch 3, his own “Lead Me Back.”

“‘Lead Me Back’ is a very simple song about growing apart and longing to go back to the days when that wasn’t the case yet, and the internal struggle of why that keeps happening to everyone I’ve been with,” Holo says. “I thought about not releasing the song at all because it’s a very personal song, with me singing and playing the guitar, so I literally feel like I’m naked.”

That feeling of nakedness is extended to the music video, though not literally. It’s a simple music video through the eye of a keyhole, simply featuring San Holo singing and playing his acoustic guitar. It’s raw and vulnerable, meant to mirror the nature of the song itself. You can tell through San’s body language just how much the song means to him. That sense of personal importance will no doubt resonate with many of his fans, as well.

Listen to “Lead Me Back” below.

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