San Holo Closes Stay Vibrant Series With “Staring At The Sea Without You Next To Me”

San Holo has quickly become one of the industry’s most dynamic producers. His music and remixes expanding over various emotions. From Ethereal and emotional to vibrant and party starting. Two months ago, San Holo kicked off his Stay Vibrant series. This series is less of a traditional album or EP, and is categorized moreso as a versatile collection of tunes that wouldn’t go anywhere else.

The series is capping off this week with “Staring At The Sea Without You Next To Me” which might be the most introspective track of the collection which draws inspiration from deep post-rock and indie sounds. Stream San Holo’s entire Stay Vibrant collection below.

The stay vibrant playlist started 2 months ago when there was so much drastic change in the world… expressing myself through music was the only way to keep myself sane. right now, my desperate need to express myself through songs on a weekly basis has passed. I’ve released seven songs in seven weeks and I feel like I was able to express a lot of emotions that were going through my mind. I’m still wandering around in. I’m still looking for some sort of purpose and direction in life and I’m thinking about those things a lot during these weird times. I’ve decided to stop the weekly releases for now. I’ll pick it back up whenever I feel the need to. – San Holo

San Holo – Stay Vibrant EP