Samsung Reveals Foldable Phone: Galaxy Fold

The end of 2018 saw Samsung doubling down on the foldable phone concept, and now it’s officially been announced: the Galaxy Fold. While it’s a rather unimaginative name, the hardware is anything but — and you’ll pay the price for it, too. The Galaxy Fold comes out April 26th (May 3rd for Europe) and will cost a wild $1,980. It will be interesting to see what kind of utility users will be able to get out of a foldable phone, as, for most everyday tasks, a standard smartphone configuration is perfectly adequate. However, the Fold does have its good qualities. For instance, when fully unfolded, it will actually be slimmer at 6.9mm than the Galaxy S10 and S10+ also announced today (both 7.8mm). When completely folded, it will measure at a comparably more thick 17mm.

Engadget reports, “As announced at the earlier developer conference, Samsung has been working closely with Google to make sure users get the most out of this new mobile form factor. With App Continuity, the Galaxy Fold lets you switch between both screens while staying in the same app, as shown on stage using Google Maps and Netflix. Similarly, when an app notification pops up on the front display, simply unfold to launch the app on the larger screen — though you may have to unlock the device first using the fingerprint reader on the frame.” The price point will undoubtedly be a deterrent to most casual phone users. For those with money to spare, though, this will definitely be a cool new toy.

via Engadget