Saint Punk Remixes MXMS’s Hit “Gravedigger” Into A Wild Electro House Banger

MXMS hit cult success with their song “Gravedigger” in 2018, and now upstart Saint Punk is here to give it a total facelift. Replacing the original’s droning, shadowy melody and slow build, the remix opts for a high-energy, fast-paced dancefloor banger. Saint Punk does a great job of keeping some of the most salient elements of the original intact while layering his own unmistakable sound over the top.

“I loved all the vocals and production on this record so I definitely wanted to keep a lot of that intact for this remix. There’s also a really cool “woop” vocal stab in the chorus that I used to create the main lead for the drop. Overall the original record is super vibey and I knew it’d work for my sound.”

While the remix is almost unrecognizable placed next to the original, aside from the vocals, it’s a brilliant interpretation that is perfect for the dancefloor or anywhere else you just need to get people moving.

Check it out below!