Saint Punk Drops Festival Rager and Instant House Banger, ‘Guttah’

Following up his Confession EP and recent Chainsmoker’s remix,  Saint Punk is ever expanding our imagination to the diverse and driving soundscape he’s introduced. The solo DJ/producer could be grouped into a similar wave of producers as: Tchami, Joyryde, and Dog Blood with the unique difference being the rock drive and embodiment Saint Punk imprints on the modern house style.“Guttah” is no distant representation of this style immediately grabbing you with the ping-pong synonymous bouncing of building basslines.  ‘Guttah’ blends together elements of bass and house, forming a fluid, festival ready rager that entices with particular and ear candy ready samples.  Expect metallic soundscapes, gritty percussion, and low-pitch vocals rev this genuinely cool house engine Saint Punk has bolted together in “Guttah.”

On producing this driving festival ready track Saint Punk comments, ‘I wanted to see how much I could do with bass. Just really make it the focus of the track. When I listen back it makes me feel like I’m riding a nasty wave and I’m about to get slammed into a wall.’ Enjoy ‘Guttah’.