Rusko Unleashes Insanely Diverse 5-Track ‘MEGARAD’ EP [LISTEN]

There’s one sure way to make your weekend instantly better — and that’s by putting some Ruskoon. The producer just dropped a diverse, new 5-track release on Deadbeats with a little something everyone can enjoy. Behold, the MEGARAD EP in all its glory. Tracks like “Squirrel Beta,” “Spatula,” and “Squeeze (Burnin)” kick that classic Rusko sound into high gear, but each rocks a totally different vibe. The instant gratification and familiarities heard here are good down to the last drop. If ever left wanting more, start back at “Squirrel Beta.”

The producer also keeps us guessing with the MEGARAD EP, as he explores different lanes of his artistry. “Open The Feeling” is the breather we all need, laced with soft percussion and relaxing vocals. “Hardcore Raven” takes another sharp turn with an insanely fun take on UK drum and bass. Along with the EP, Deadbeats and Rusko also launched a limited edition long sleeve shirt, available here.

Alright, enough talk. It’s time to get down and get a little weird! Listen here!