Rusko Drops New EP “Genghis Danger” on Deadbeats

Rusko is back with his second EP of 2019, Genghis Danger. Following MEGARAD in February, the UK producer and brostep godfather has returned with another batch of four eclectic singles that make us thankful he hasn’t changed a bit. Having been in the scene for over a decade, it wouldn’t be unreasonable for Rusko to get bored and change up his style, but if anything, he’s stayed true to his original vibes and has just gotten better in the process. “Bumbaclat” feels like we’re back in 2011 again, listening to his raggae vocals and rhythm with a kick-snare and deep bass — and it’s oh so good.

But we’ve also got “oh my god,” a short but sweet neuro drum n bass tune. We’ve heard DnB from Rusko before, but neuro isn’t a style he’s dabbled in very much, making this a definite leftfield release for him. That being said, he absolutely smashes the style as you might have predicted. “One Family” starts out with some breaks, leading you to think that maybe this is also a drum n bass tune, but the drop quickly pulls you back to Rusko’s classic sound once again.

All that being said, “Go Up” is clearly the standout of the bunch — at least for me, personally. I remember standing up on stage at Lost Lands with Rusko closing out the Wompy Woods and hearing him close with this song, one foot up on the riser, pantomiming playing a guitar in that final solo in the song. It was one of the most memorable moments of the festival for me, and hearing it now on my home speakers takes me back to that wonderful time. I might just tear up.

Check out Genghis Danger from Rusko, out now on Deadbeats.

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