Rusko Drops his new Sauce EP With Dirt Monkey & Boogie T

If there are two things we can always expect from Rusko, it’s consistency and quality. Over the producer’s long, nearly 15-year tenure in the world of dubstep, he has never once compromised his sound and still manages to always put out fresh ideas and concepts. The world of dubstep that Rusko once beared no longer really exists, but it survives through him.

Case in point, his new Sauce EP, released today on Liquid Stranger’s WAKAAN label. “Carrot Cake,” the opening track on the EP, is a clear indication that this is the same Rusko we know and love, with super wonky bass and synths and a classic dubstep kick-snare rhythm. Even on the more celestial “Ecstasy Dreamland,” he keeps the bass weird while pushing a highly anthemic melody and major chords, providing an otherworldly musical juxtaposition. It’s a song that earns its title, no questions asked.

The latter half of the EP features collaborations with Dirt Monkey and Boogie T, two artists who are perfectly suited to work with Rusko, but never have before. (Save for Rusko’s remix of Boogie T & Griz’s “Supa Fly.”) The former features on “Quarantinis,” no doubt birthed out of some late night quarantine victuals. Finally, the EP ends on “Wha Gwan” with Boogie T, a supremely wonky and weird dubstep tune that is right out of Rusko’s repertoire. Listening through the full Sauce, Rusko’s dedication to consistency and quality is demonstrated unimpeachably. Check it out below!

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