Run The Trap's Breakout Artists of 2018

 ARTISTS OF OUTPUT 2018 "width =" 850 "height =" 850 "/> Approaching the end of the year, we think about the producers who broke the molds and made the most impressive movements in 2018. From the bass-heavy anthems to the electro-pop singles to everything else, these producers launched a series Innovative successes in 2018 and found in our exclusive Breakout Artists of 2018 list.</p data-lazy-src=><noscript><img
class= 10. Party students

 Photo: Party Pupils FB "width =" 850 "height =" 848 "/> Photo: Party Pupils FB<p style= Composed of singer MAX and producer RyanEXOE, our playlists with singles Brilliant dance / pop all year long, between their pioneering tour with Pat Lok and their affinity for creating vibrant synths and sensational harmonies, Party Pupils has made its mark in 2018 and is about to live an incredible 2019.

9. Whipped Cream

 Photo: whipped cream FB "width =" 850 "height =" 567 "/> Photo: whipped cream FB<p style= While the rumor around the whipped cream began in 2015, it is in 2018 she's really carved out a place Thanks to a combination of bass music driven by hip-hop elements and a vast array of melodies that bend genres, Whipped Cream has participated in the festival during the summer. summer, joined YehMe2 on tour in the fall and continued to produce impressive singles.The latest singles "LUV" and "Bad For Me" have continued to expand his musical style.With a plethora of shows sold out closed and gigantic projects by 2019, Whipped Cream is an undeniable force to be reckoned on in the New Year.


 Photo: TYNAN Instagram "width =" 850 "height =" 607 "/> Photo: TYNAN Instagram<p style= TYNAN has wreaked havoc in 2018 by dropping a fierce flood of heavy remixes and original all throughout the year by dominating the festival circuit Its EP Pandora & # 39; s Box exploded with heartrending hymns and radiating experimentation, thus becoming a standard for fans and bass lovers, catch – by finishing the year at Lights All Night and keep an eye open for other heaters in 2019.

7. Blanke

 Photo: Blanke FB "width =" 960 "height =" 960 "/> Photo: Blanke FB<p style= In the past two years, Blanke has enjoyed a steady climb, but thanks to his excellent collaborators, remixed and singles in 2018, the young Australian artist has really started to make his mark: being part of the most innovative bass music of the game, Blanke started the year on a positive note with his EP Sneaky Plans and continued to to lower heating appliances in a constant flow all year round, ending in force with a hallucinating collaboration with Rezz.

6. G Jones

 Photo: G Jones FB "width =" 959 "height =" 960 "/> Photo: G Jones FB<p style= G Jones may not be new to the music scene, but he definitely The Ineffable Truth, won in 2018 with its impressive LP The Ineffable Truth, quickly redefining the definition of experimental bass, skillfully remodeled the genre by creating distinctive bass pulses and vibrant textures from the cosmos Electric Forest, Camp Bisco, Bassrush Massive, Moonrise, Electric Zoo, Lost Lands and Freaky Deaky Texas, G Jones performed breathtaking performances and will continue to dominate in 2019 at the end of his Ineffable Truth tour.

5. ilo ilo

 ilo ilo "width =" 850 "height =" 850 "/></p data-lazy-src=><noscript><img
class= ilo ilo caused a sensation in 2017 when the project was first presented with leaflets in New York, Los Angeles, New Orleans and Austin, prompting the viewer to call (808-202- 2690) with the bold promise of an exclusive preview of the upcoming collaboration between Kanye West and Taylor Swift. In 2018, the project continued to arouse great interest with the release of their first single "Wait", an insane treasure hunt for their third "Roll" release, and their last "Come Over" release of the year. . Through hypnotic vocals Ilo Ilo remains at the top of our watch list in 2019.

4. Quix

 Photo: Quix FB "width =" 850 "height =" 671 "/> Photo: Quix FB<p style= Quix is ​​no stranger to abandoning the trap bangers and 2018 seemed to be his More ambitious year in music.EP Illusions and a steady stream of collabs, singles and remixes, Quix continued to claim to be one of the best trap music records. While still touring the festival and starting his tour, Illusions tour, Quix quickly expanded its audience and began to dominate the Spotify and SoundCloud platforms, 2018 was a great year for Don Don and the sky. was the limit of what he had prepared for us in 2019.

3. Benny Blanco

 Photo: Benny Blanco FB "width =" 850 "height =" 850 "/> Photo: Benny Blanco FB<p style= After 10 years working behind the scenes with Kanye West, Katy Perry, Britney Spears and Ed Sheeran, Benny Blanco, came into the limelight in 2018 with his debut single "Eastside" with Khalid and Halsey, from his single at home with Calvin Harris to his hip-hop anthem with Swae Lee and Jesse, Benny Blanco came across the genres with his first album, Friends Keep Secrets, and showcasing his skills as a producer.


 Photo: Fisher FB "width =" 850 "height =" 1133 "/> Photo: Follow the Fish FB<p style= In 2018, Fisher dominated the house music charts and witnessed an unexpected meteoric rise on stage dance titles such as "Stop It", "Crowd Control" and "Losing It" quickly became fan favorites and quickly dominated the festival scene in all genres. At the Grammy Awards for the song of the year dedicated to dance music, it can be said that 2019 is preparing to be an even bigger year for Fisher.

1. 1788-L

 Photo: @eric_scire "width =" 850 "height =" 566 "/> Photo: @eric_scire<p class=p1 style= This year, 1788-L appeared on the bass scene and soon began to climb at the top With the help of huge remixes by Daft Punk, Virtual Self, Kraftwerk and Skrillex, 1788-L developed a huge cult in the Reddit and SoundCloud communities and later joined Ekali and Rezz on tour. Its glitchy and futuristic, 1788-L has also created a collab with Rezz on his album Certain Kind of Magic, in addition to making official remixes for The Glitch Mob and RL Grime, 1788-L is expected to further develop in 2019. breaking down barriers and defying all expectations.


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