Rolls-Royce presents its latest Neon Lights collection

Forget all you know about the Rolls-Royce Black Badge collection. Designed for those who reject conformity and live on their own terms, this series of all-black trailblazers has unveiled an all-new bold variety. Kicking things up a notch with added flair and vibrant colors, Rolls-Royce presents its latest Neon Lights collection.

Showcasing the prestigious Cullinan, Dawn, and Wraith Black Badge editions in never before seen shades of Lime Rock Green, Eagle Rock Red, and Mirabeau Blue, with Scivaro Grey, Selby Grey, and Arctic White interiors, this collection mimics the glow of neon lights and its distortion at speed.

Conceptualised soon after a suite of Black Badges grabbed headlines at the 2019 Pebble Beach event, which saw Ghost, Wraith and Dawn finished in Bespoke pastel colours, the all-new Neon Lights collection was initially designed for clients within the United States. Since then, three further iterations of each colour are now available for commission worldwide, securing a limited run of just four examples in each shade.

Representing a vibrant trilogy of Rolls-Royce Black Badges, whose inspiration come from nature in the form of near-luminous Australian green tree frogs, the flowers of Ōhi‘a lehua in Hawaii, and the exotic Rhetus periander butterfly – this collection, in the eyes of Sami Coultas, the Bespoke Designer Colour & Trim of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, provides dramatic contrast and appeals “to patrons around the world who really dare to be different.”