Roderick James Architects Design The Airship002 in The Highlands of Drimnin, Scotland

Secluded in the remote Highlands of Drimnin, Scotland, rests a crisp contemporary cabin designed by European team, Roderick James Architects. Fully equipped with the essentials of a comfortable stay, the one-of-a-kind Airship002 is strategically positioned on a four-acre plot, offering optimal privacy.

With one bedroom, one bed, and one bathroom, the house which is assembled and dismantled when needed – is customizable, accommodating an additional bedroom and up to two guests at a time.

Constructed predominantly from aluminum, the Airship002 is modular and sustainable – a quality Roderick James Architects specializes in providing. Featuring a roof designed to collect rainwater, the house utilizes underground storage containers, an insulated shell, photo-voltaic panels which electrify the cabin, and double-glazed windows for added outer space experience.

Boasting views of a dramatic landscape of mountains and the sea, plus the Isle of Mull, the Airship002 is engulfed in spellbinding nature with the occasional propitious glimpse of deer, sheep, foxes, and eagles, among other magnificent creatures.