Robin XRF has enthralled an eclectic audience with his exquisite numbers in EDM and dance music

Robin XRF has belted out astounding numbers with his fascinating tunes of EDM and dance. He is instrumental in dishing out two of the liveliest and riveting scores. Some of the most scintillating numbers in dance and EDM numbers are dished out by the prodigious singer Robin XRF. He has given out ripping tracks like ‘Rainbow Drop’ and ‘Night Sky’. The singer has shown his sheer class and is much more prolific than what meets the eye. He has taken a leaf out of iconic musicians in dance and EDM music and brought his uniqueness to make it more enticing.

Life is measured with an all-new meter by this enviable performer and that reflects in his flabbergasting performance. He has executed the songs with utmost brilliance and one can observe the impeccable precision he has got. He gives attention to every minute detail with exemplary panache and finesse. You can listen to his ear candy numbers by plugging onto popular music streaming apps like Soundcloud.

In the vivacious numbers ‘Rainbow Drop’ and ‘Night Sky’ by Robin XRF, the singer has ripped off the dance floor with a lyrical hook. The thumping beats drills into the psyche of the listeners with consummate ease. The vocals are pristine and make for an ethereal ambiance that is glossy. A hypnotic euphoria is created with a pop like brilliantly classy vibes. The blissful melody is backed by dynamic flickers of instrumentation. The stunning tracks are crafted and composed deftly. One can also plug into major trending platforms like YouTube to listen to the mesmerizing songs and enjoy the music videos. One can log on to the Instagram handle of the singer and glance through his latest photos and videos.

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