RL Grime’s Hotly Anticipated Yearly ‘ Halloween X ’ Has Finally Unleashed

RL Grime’s hotly anticipated yearly mix and live concert experience Halloween X has finally unleashed — and it’s on repeat today! On Thursday, October 28th, RL Grime took on The Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles, CA for the first-ever live edition of his Halloween series. On Friday, October 29th, the show was rebroadcasted to various territories around the world. Now, it’s available to stream online. Over the last decade, trap legend RL Grime has set the bar for spooky mixes, bringing innovation and excellence to his mix series.

Every year he seems to outdo himself and having listened through Halloween X several times in a mere 24 hours — he’s done it again. RL Grime’s annual Halloween Mix has become a cultural staple in the dance music community, generating tens of millions of streams and featuring previous guest appearances from the likes of Pharrell, Shaq, Tony Hawk, Guy Fieri, T-Pain, Hannibal Burress, RL Stine and more. This year’s mix features plenty of IDs and remixes, with high quality selects from Baauer, Whipped Cream, JAWNS, ISOxo, Heimanu, Rustie, Jon Casey, X&G, Montell2099, Juelz and many more.

Heart-racing, spine-tingling, and chill-inducing, RL Grime’s Halloween X mix is sure to make you feel something today through next Halloween! Listen here!

Halloween X (Live at the Hollywood Palladium)