RL Grime Makes a Triumphant Return with the Highly Anticipated 3-Disc Concept Album, “PLAY”

After a hiatus of more than five years since the release of his critically acclaimed sophomore album, “NOVA,” RL Grime, the 32-year-old maestro, has finally unveiled his latest magnum opus, “PLAY.” This multifaceted musical journey is divided into three distinct sections, each comprising eight tracks and traversing a wide spectrum of genres, including techno, hip-hop, and trap. Each section of the album appears to represent a unique facet of the “PLAY” universe, coupled with a distinctive genre from the vast realm of electronic music.

The album’s inaugural section, “APEX,” serves as a tribute to RL Grime’s trap, hybrid-trap, and west coast bass influences. Featuring collaborations with artists such as Jawns, ISOxo, and Juelz, “APEX” is a treasure trove of sonic surprises. From previously unreleased bangers to enigmatic Halloween IDs dating back to 2021, “APEX” embarks on the “PLAY” journey as an indispensable homage to electronic trap music, leaving listeners electrified.

The second section of the album, “GRID,” is a feature-rich, genre-blurring adventure that explores a plethora of captivating vocal-driven tracks. With a heightened focus on melody, “GRID” delves into a pop-influenced storytelling approach that seamlessly combines beauty and boundless energy. Notable guest artists on “GRID” include Baauer, Reo Cragun, Sublab, 1nonly, and more, adding depth and diversity to this sonic voyage.

The final section of the album, “RUSH,” marks the listener’s departure from the immersive world of “PLAY.” Conceived as a dystopian video game universe, “RUSH” provides an ethereal and emotionally touching conclusion to the 24-track odyssey. Its elegant textures and gentle melodies transition seamlessly into waves of invigorating techno-influenced breakbeats, ensuring that “PLAY” culminates with unparalleled style and heartfelt resonance.

“PLAY” is now available for streaming on Spotify via the link below. Be sure to stay tuned for updates on RL Grime’s forthcoming releases, including coverage of his upcoming Halloween XII Mix!