Rival Releases Newest Song “Walls” Featuring Bryan Finlay

The past three months, I’ve written up every release from Rival. If that doesn’t tell you how much I believe in this project, I’m not sure what will; bloggers don’t just write up every release from an artist unless they’re truly special. So color me surprised when for the fourth month in a row, I’m writing up a new Rival tune. This time, it’s his collaboration “Walls” with Bryan Finlay.


What first enamored me with this new song was Finlay’s lyricism, his ability to string words together in a particularly poetic flow. Of course, delving deeper, this is only supported by Rival’s inimitable production and ability to accompany seemingly any vocalist who gets in the studio with him.

As for the drop, it’s cinematic and filled with emotion. You can hear the pain and struggle, the strife for… something. Overcoming those walls seems the last remaining desperate goal of our subject, and we’re here to witness the success or failure.

I love when you can infer a story from a song without the song having to spell it out for you — in that sense, the story can be anyone’s and can go in any direction.

“Walls” is out now via NCS, listen below.

via: youredm

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