Rival Drops New Song “Gold” with Bryan Finlay


I’ve written up a number of Rival’s releases in 2019, on the harder side of “Satisfy the Rage” to the softer side of “Lately.” Now, he teams up again with Bryan Finley on a new tune called “Gold.”


The two have already done a track together before called “Walls,” which stretched the limits of what it means to produce a pop record. Finlay’s vocals bring the tune to life while Rival’s production adds significant suspense and depth to the work.

On “Gold,” out yesterday, Finlay reprises his stellar performance. Though the production on this one doesn’t seem to hit the same as many of his past tracks, it still works in presenting a different side of Rival. In fact, it seems that he can’t stand to stick with one style for very long no matter what.

Check out “Gold” below.

via youredm

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