Rising Producer Biicla Tackles “Use This Gospel” by Kanye West

Kanye West is the Ellie Goulding of the current age. And I want to be clear that, by that, I only mean he’s constantly remixed, just as Ellie was in the early 2010’s. Latest to come is Russian producer Biicla who’s tackling “Use The Gospel” from Ye’s latest album Jesus is King. Jesus is King in particular just begs to be remixed with its unique melodies and impeccable vocal performances; that being said, Biicla still hit this one out of the park. The vocal oscillations work perfectly with the vibe given from the original, and Kanye’s voice has such an iconic signature, it’s perfect to leave his sections intact. The remix combines a pretty mellow production with Kanye’s naturally high energy for a wonderful effect. Follow Biicla here and check out the remix below.