risik Releases Exciting Debut EP “STILL BORING”

risik has released their debut STILL BORING EP, which is available now through Wormhole Music Group. STILL BORING may strike a surprising chord with people unfamiliar with risik’s flamboyant style of experimental rave compositions. In reality, the EP continues in the footsteps of risik’s breakthrough song “BORING,” living in unpredictability and pouring with creativity, disregarding conventions, standards, and genre – because that would be boring.

STILL BORING “explores topics ranging from surviving abuse and manipulation to raving in a dystopian future replete with cybernetic sanguivores, all via a unique lens of heavy bass, harsh noise, and campy horror,” according to the EP’s press release.

“MACHINE” acts as an instinctive, acidic introduction before transitioning into the recognizable sounds of “BORING” (read more at the link above). The whirling bass of risik’s collaboration with Thromb, “BR00TAL,” then takes hold before seamlessly transitioning into the strange beat of “DESIRE,” a slow, steady dance burner. “GUCCI” smashes with heavy intensity and growls, and “KREEP” finishes with gorgeous, lethal ferocity, closing off the risik-defining originals. Finally, I broke my robot appears with a deconstructed remix of “BORING.”

Without further ado, please enjoy STILL BORING, a magnificent example of risik’s skill as a producer and DIY creative expression at its finest, destined to shatter dance floors worldwide.

Listen and link up below!

Stream/download: ffm.to/still-boring-risik