Risik Drops Beautifully Composed Flip of Billie Eilish Original, “IDWBU” [LISTEN]

Risik treats us to a divinely dark new flip of Billie Eilish‘s original track “idontwannabeyouanymore.” Shortened to “IDWBU,” the rave-worthy bass producer shows off her unmistakeable flair with a theatrical take on the pop star’s otherwise soft-spoken release. Haunted by Billie’s voice and possessed by Risik’s raw, gripping talent, “IDWBU” comes alive. Suspense builds through a fierce, saturated and distorted soundscape, before slapping with massive bass and a striking drum section. Suddenly, we’re hanging on every word and anticipating every hit.

Amidst the madness, Risik finds an addictive rhythm with just the right amount of heavy. There’s something about “IDWBU” that instantly demands a repeat or 10 — and every play through finds something new and definitive about this striking new release. Listen here and get to know Risik below.

IDWBU (Risik Flip)