Riot Ten’s Newest Single,“Ready For War”(ft. Joe Buras of Born of Osiris)

It’s not the first time we’ve seen dubstep and heavy metal cross paths but Riot Ten’s newest single “Ready For War” does it so perfectly. Collaborating with Born Of Osiris lead vocalist Joe Buras and Dogma to produce a face-melting heavy dubstep track, Riot Ten once again showcases his will to get out of his comfort zone. The heavy dubstep track continues to boast an impressive skill that Riot Ten has been made famous for. His unforgiving passion to create some of the hardest-hitting festival records doesn’t end here as he crosses over to the heavy metal realm to bring Joe Buras from Born Of Osiris to give this single an emphatic boost of adrenaline.

“Ready For War” is one of the hardest records off the upcoming album and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Dogma and I had planned on working on something heavy for a while and getting Joe Buras on vocals was the icing on the cake. This track is for the gym rats and headbangers alike. Pure energy!” – Riot Ten

Stream “Ready For War” here.