Rihanna Asked DJ Snake For A Carte Blanche Beat

Queen Rihanna doesn’t always get what she wants. On air with Zane Lowe, French producer DJ Snake told a story of how Rihanna had originally asked to take the instrumental for “No Option” for herself. After months of going back and forth, the French producer finally decided to keep the track for himself. “No Option” instead appeared on his recent sophomore album Carte Blanche featuring Burna Boy on vocals. Understandably, the creative visionary stated that he needed to stay true to his art and his project.

She wanted this record for a year and we ended up using it, you know because I fell in love with this record. I don’t want to say like the wrong things so all the Rihanna fans are going to kill me, but I just felt like there were no options. Like I had to put this record on my album. This is a legacy man. I just gotta follow my heart. That’s it. And I could have had bigger names on the album, like way bigger names. But you know the records were not right […] I’m not chasing the biggest name drops, billing, and stuff. – DJ Snake

Check out the full interview for yourself below.