Rico Nasty Releases Her New Single ‘Popstar’, a Boisterous Celebration of Music and Dramatic Visuals

The times of self-isolation was utilized with the best creative variations by rapper Rico Nasty. He recently released her single, ‘Popstar’, an eccentric musical scope with a pop-art influenced color-bursts and visuals. The song is directed by Jason Joyride and was filmed in Rico’s basement as she continues to maintain self-isolation.

Rico Nasty has been on a release spree in the past few months. ‘Popstar’ was released after her song, ‘Lightning’ was released in March. Two more tracks, ‘Hard’ and ‘IDGAF’ were released in the months preceding March. The year has been quite a roll for Rico as she was part of various projects with Kero Kero Bonito and Boys Noize. Back in 2019, she collaborated with producer Kenny Beats for the ‘Anger Management’ project that also received positive audience feedback.

The song ‘Popstar’ released with positive feedback from the audience as it shows motivating during these times of crisis. The song is lyrically, musically, and visually outspoken that is beautifully put together into one line of progression. It has been a good year for her as her new album is up for a release this year. She has been part of many projects, collaborations, and mixtapes over the last few years of his career that helped her gain vision and discover the sound she can call her own.

Rico Nasty has been very confidential about the release of her 2020 album. However, she is in the right spirits as she is confident that the album is going to make colossal waves of creative acknowledgment. She said that the album does not follow single linearity of creative aesthetics and is open to interpretation. Till then, her single, ‘Popstar’ is doing the rounds of appreciation as she gears up to conquer bigger dreams.

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