Rick Owens x Dr. Martens Release A Reinterpretation Of The 1460 Bex Platform Boot

Just hot off the heels of a collaboration with Converse, fashion maven Rick Owens has announced that he has teamed up with Dr. Martens to release a reinterpretation of the 1460 Bex platform boot. In the first of two releases, the lineup incorporates Rick Owens’ iconic lacing system which he referred to as the perpetual search for rational order, this couldn’t be truer when we take a look at how our current state of affairs is like with the coronavirus still ravaging on across the globe.

On speaking of the inspiration behind this new silhouette, Rick Owens’ said this in a press release, “When I was a teen and becoming physically aware, I saw how a tightly laced ankle leading to a broad solidly planted food had a simple, modest, industrial masculinity — almost like a corset between a muscled calf and a sturdy foot that acted as a stoic ballast.”

“Coming full circle to partner with Dr. Martens 40 years later leads me to lacing them with pearl-coloured cotton laces in a geometric pattern that I use often as a symbol of our eternal collective search for rational order; signs of hope and an affectionate blessing on the perpetual recklessness of youth.”

Sitting atop of the double-height Bex sole is a smooth black leather upper, and these two elements are placed together with Dr. Martens’ signature yellow stitching that serves as a great contrast to the sole. Other prominent features include a zip closure and co-branding on the sock liner and heel loop. For this release coming on March 20, the boot will be in taupe colour while the second release will be available from May. Head over the Dr. Martens’ official website to make your purchase.