Rich Delinquent Fresh New Track,“Hallucinating”

Rich Delinquent accomplishes everything. He writes, sings, produces, and even directs his own music videos. His imagination knows no limitations, and it shines through in everything he does. Rich Delinquent has created an irresistible brand around his project by fusing a dark combination of electronic, hip hop, and emo elements in his music. His music and videos continue to connect to a generation that wants deeper meaning in the art they consume.

Rich Delinquent tackles the affects of solitude with thundering sound and emotionally gripping lyrics on his fresh new track, “Hallucinating.” His vocal delivery is superb, providing an edgy air that contributes to the frightening plot. Under Rich’s singing, ominous melodies develop into a booming drop lead by gritty synth-wave bass and percussion parts.

Listen to “Hallucinating” below!