Rich Delinquent Drops New Single, “It’s Cold Where I’m From” [Third Time Lucky]

Australian vocalist and producer Rich Delinquent is back with the lead single of his forthcoming ‘DM If You Need To’ EP. Featuring a blend of minimalist keys and swirling synth stabs under his emotional vocals, “It’s Cold Where I’m From” highlights the talent of Rich Delinquent we’ve really come to love.

“It’s Cold Where I’m From” does well to live up to the standards set by Rich Delinquent’s breakout single and music video, “Death Drive”. Across the board, he has made a collection of compelling opening statements with multilayered lyrics and meticulously-woven imagery that establishes a world for listeners to immerse themselves within. He’s truly in a league of his own and we’re so excited to hear his upcoming EP that is due in March.

Stream “It’s Cold Where I’m From” by Rich Delinquent below!