Rich Delinquent And Bobby Raps Collaborate On The Hit Single “1800ifuckedup”

Rich Delinquent, an Australian-based emo-tronic musician, is one of today’s most interesting artists. He handles everything, from writing the tunes to singing the vocals to producing the recordings. His vision for his music is unrivaled, which is why whenever a new song is announced, we’re on the tip of our seats, ready to see what he’s up to.

This time, he’s teaming up with globally acclaimed singer,songwriter, and producer Bobby Raps (whose credits include The Weeknd, Kid Laroi, Gunna, and many more), bringing listeners on an emotionally charged voyage for the song “1800ifuckedup.” This song is “about being lost in a city of vices and attempting to reach out to the one person who can bring you out of the darkness,” Rich adds. The production complements this vibe, providing a sort of cyberpunk/Bladerunner audio environment, with synthesizers swaying back and forth, mirroring the feeling Rich speaks of “getting lost in the Ozone,” while Rich and Bobby Raps each give intriguing vocals over top.