Rich Delinquent: A Rising Star in Pop and Electronic Music

Rich Delinquent is a prominent figure in the world of pop and electronic music. Known for his exceptional talent in songwriting, vocals, and production, he has garnered a dedicated following of fans, affectionately referred to as ‘Delinquents’, from around the globe.

His recent releases, including singles like “Chica Diablo” and “Speak Up”, have caught the attention of many. These singles are part of a larger EP, with the latest addition being “Here’s To Dystopia”, which is out now and considered by many to be his finest work yet.

The EP kicks off with its titular track, featuring Riley, delving into themes of societal disillusionment and the pervasive influence of the pharmaceutical industry on mental health. Through poignant lyrics like “Stop, society has let us down. Stop medicating until we drown. I will only sabotage myself… Here’s to dystopia, we’re in control of ya”, Rich Delinquent fearlessly addresses pressing societal issues and the dangers of overmedication.

Closing the EP is the catchy pop anthem “Where’s the Exit,” a collaboration with the up-and-coming Australian band Lakelend. This track explores themes of longing, irresistible desires, and the complexities of love, characterized by its infectious pop beat and emotive melodies.