Rezz Unleashes New Single “Suffer In Silence” Inspired by Insomnia

Rezz, the Canadian producer and HypnoVizion label head, has unleashed her latest single, “Suffer In Silence,” and it’s anything but your typical seasonal tune. In typical Rezz fashion, this track defies all conventions and timelines, taking listeners on a journey through suspenseful synth-work reminiscent of classic horror flicks from the ’90s and ’00s, and pulsating, punchy kicks that will leave you reeling.

According to Rezz, the inspiration for “Suffer In Silence” came from her recent struggle with severe insomnia. As she grappled with the sleepless nights, the minimal queen crafted this spine-tingling tune that captures the essence of her inner turmoil.

If you’re a fan of Rezz’s trademark sound, you won’t be disappointed. “Suffer In Silence” is quintessential Rezz, blending her unique style of haunting melodies with spine-chilling beats that will make you feel like you’re living in a horror movie. Don’t believe us? Check out the track for yourself below and prepare to be transported to another world.

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