Rezz Releases New Single With Underoath, “Falling”

Nearly a month since Rezz debuted her collaboration with Underoath at EDC Las Vegas, fans can now finally listen to the complete track whenever they want as “Falling” is officially out. The single comes with a music video featuring Underoath’s Aaron Gillespie and Rezz in a dark warehouse. The two are involved in what seems to be some kind of torture or medical experiment, with Gillespie tied down by restraints, wearing a VR headset, and Rezz creepily approaching him with her trademark goggles.

It turns out to be more of a virtual reality Saw theme, as Gillespie finds himself in a make believe escape room with horrifying conditions for making it out. As for the track itself, Rezz takes a much more metal and rock approach to the track as compared to her previous releases, no doubt due to influence from her collaborators. The new sound combination works brilliantly and paints a bright picture for the future of Rezz’s sound. Check out “Falling” from Rezz and Underoath below!

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