Rezz release Her First Solo Track after one year, “Orbit”

Rezz has had some seriously amazing collaborations over the past 12 months, with artists like Grabbitz, Malaa, Zeds Dead, and Yultron. But we’ve been missing that solo Rezz flavor which we last got on the Beyond The Senses EP over a year ago. Now, with the release of “Orbit” today, we’re back in action.

“Orbit” is supremely wonky and spacey, with plenty of little synth effects that make you feel like you’re truly floating in space, orbiting some unknown entity. The bass is warped to the nth degree, supported by an echoing choral voice, emphasizing the vast, and creepy qualities of an endless vacuum.

So many tracks are made with a singular vision in mind, it seems that producers sometimes get tunnel visioned. But with this Rezz track in particular, it feels like she started with a whole concept and built the track around it, and it shows.

You can listen to “Orbit” everywhere now.

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