REZZ Just Premiered Her New Remix for Melanie Martinez [MUST LISTEN]

Rezz just dropped her remix for Melanie Martinez and we’re fangirling super hard over it! As you can hear, Melanie’s alternative take on pop is the perfect contrast to Rezz’s signature edge. The pop star’s vocals guide the track, as Rezz leads the production into a gritty, synth-filled atmosphere tinged with darkness. Given the heavy nature of the remix, we can’t wait to hear it played out live — though for now it’s wishful thinking.

Days ago, Rezz shared: “I miss releasing music for fun as soon as I create it & not worry about a whole immaculate plan to put it out.” Hopefully this is the first of many more releases to come.

Listen to the premiere of “Tag! You’re It” (Rezz Remix) via Proximity right here.

We’re obsessed.

Melanie Martinez – Tag! You’re It (REZZ Remix)

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