Rezz Is Back With The Newest Single “ Let Me In ” From Her Forthcoming Album Spiral

Rezz is back with the newest single from her forthcoming album Spiral due out before the end of the year. “Let Me In” with fknsyd with a deep and emotional song that’s a bit of a departure from the Canadian artist’s usual sound, but still close enough that it’s discernably “Rezz.” Taking the tempo down a bit, and with fknsyd’s vocal contribution, “Let Me In” is more ballad than peak-hour banger. It’s a phase that most artists reach after releasing festival track after festival track, something to breathe some room into an otherwise hectic and powerful live set. But beyond the utility of the song, it’s just downright beautiful, as well.

Check out “Let Me In” below!

Photo via Maria Jose Govea @thesupermaniak