Rezz & Grabbitz Unleash Electrifying Single “Signal” from Rezz’s Upcoming ‘IT’S NOT A PHASE’ EP

Rezz and Grabbitz, two innovative artists known for pushing musical boundaries, have joined forces once again to deliver their latest release. Titled “Signal,” this captivating single serves as the second installment from Rezz’s highly anticipated ‘IT’S NOT A PHASE’ EP, slated for release this summer. Following the success of their previous collaboration, “Someone Else,” released in 2020, “Signal” presents a fresh alt-rock vibe, incorporating live instrumentation and the beloved vocals of Grabbitz.

The Fusion of Rock and Electronic: “Signal” and the IT’S NOT A PHASE EP

“Signal” seamlessly blends the distinct elements of rock and electronic music, showcasing Rezz’s and Grabbitz’s ability to navigate different genres with ease. As a precursor to Rezz’s upcoming ‘IT’S NOT A PHASE’ EP, the track solidifies the nostalgic references and cross-genre impulses that permeate the project. By merging the influences of punk bands from Rezz’s formative years with modern electronic sounds, “Signal” continues Rezz’s mission to bridge the gap between rock and bass music, resulting in a truly unique sonic experience.

A Harmonious Collaboration: Grabbitz’s Vocals and Live Instrumentation

“Signal” thrives on the synergy between Rezz and Grabbitz, as they combine their respective talents to create an electrifying composition. Grabbitz’s powerful vocals take center stage, perfectly complementing the track’s alt-rock aesthetic. Additionally, the infusion of live instrumentation amplifies the energy of “Signal,” further emphasizing the collaborative effort and the seamless fusion of electronic and rock elements.

A Sonic Journey: Rezz’s Vision and Evolution

Rezz’s ‘IT’S NOT A PHASE’ EP signifies a significant milestone in her artistic evolution. With “Signal” at its core, the EP showcases Rezz’s commitment to pushing boundaries and challenging the conventional norms of electronic music. Drawing inspiration from her teenage years, when punk bands left an indelible mark on her musical journey, Rezz combines these formative influences with her modern electronic soundscapes to create a truly distinct sonic palette.

Listen and Experience the Power of “Signal”

Immerse yourself in the captivating sounds of “Signal” as Rezz and Grabbitz transport you to a world where rock and electronic music converge. This dynamic collaboration encapsulates the spirit of their creative partnership and sets the stage for the forthcoming ‘IT’S NOT A PHASE’ EP. Prepare to be captivated by the seamless integration of genres and the exhilarating energy that defines “Signal.”

Stay tuned for the release of Rezz’s ‘IT’S NOT A PHASE’ EP, where her boundary-pushing soundscapes and genre-bending approach continue to redefine the electronic music landscape. In the meantime, embrace the power and nostalgia of “Signal” as Rezz and Grabbitz take you on an unforgettable sonic journey.