Rezz Finally Shares Entire EDC Las Vegas 2019 Set

It’s been almost three weeks now since EDC Las Vegas 2019, and plenty of artists are still just now releasing their sets to the public. Among them is Rezz, who uploaded her set at circuitGROUNDS last night and is already approaching 25,000 views. The cult has been waiting patiently for the full HD set, including new music from her forthcoming EP, like her collaboration with Underoath and a live appearance by singer Aaron Gillespie (20:20 in the video below). With collabs from Sayer, EDDIE, Deathpact, and more on the way, Rezz is keeping her fans on their toes and headbanging all the while. Check out Space Mom’s 60-minute live set from EDC Las Vegas below!

Photo by Chris Lazarro for Insomniac Events