Rezz Drops Her Debut Essential Mix On BBC Radio 1

First teased early last month and then officially announced just last week, Rezz’s debut Essential Mix on BBC Radio 1 is finally here. A huge moment in any artist’s career, the Essential Mix is an opportunity for any producer/DJ to dig deep into their repertoire and put their best foot forward with a bespoke 2-hour mix. On Rezz’s debut mix, she shows just how busy she’s been in the studio with a 100% original mix. Forty-four songs, all Rezz. My only criticism is that with two hour, she didn’t include a single unreleased song. While it’s not at all a necessity, nor is it the case that she’s not releasing enough music already, it seems like a missed opportunity more than anything else.

Beyond that, this is sure to be a seminal mix for any Rezz fan to reach back to when they want a taste of Space Mom on a bad — or good — day. Listen here.


1 REZZ – Edge
2 REZZ & Kotek Teleportal
3 REZZ  Methodology
4 REZZ Plague
5 deadmau5 & REZZ Slip (Rezz Remix)
6 REZZ Negative
7 REZZ Contorted
8 REZZ  Relax
9 REZZ & 13 Drugs
10 REZZ & EDDIE Stress
11 REZZ Spider On The Moon
12 REZZ & 13 The Crazy Ones
14 REZZ Dark Age
15 REZZ Witching Hour
16 REZZ Cryptic
17 REZZ & Deathpact Kiss of Death
18 REZZ Diluted Brains
19 REZZ Purple Gusher
20 REZZ Green Gusher
21 REZZ Selector
23 REZZ Rubix Cube
24 REZZ & Raito Alien
25 REZZ Voice In The Wall
27 REZZ Rush
28 REZZ Paranoid
29 REZZ Serenity
30 REZZ <@[email protected]> <@[email protected]>
31 REZZ & 1788-L H E X
32 REZZ & Blanke Mixed Signals
33 REZZ & k?d Fourth Impact
34 REZZ & Deathpact Life & Death
35 REZZ Transformer
36 No Mana Clear (REZZ Remix)
37 REZZ Delusion
38 REZZ & Fytch Toxin
39 REZZ & Laura Brehm Melacholy
40 REZZ Flying Octopus
41 REZZ & Isqa Psycho
42 REZZ & Sayer Your Soul Will Never Be Released
43 REZZ Synesthesia
44 REZZ & Delaney Lost

Photo via Maria Jose Govea @thesupermaniak