REZZ Dropped The First Single From Her Fourth Album Spiral, ” Chemical Bond ” Feat. Deathpact

Earlier this week, REZZ announced that her fourth album, Spiral, is due out later this year. Today, she dropped the first single from the album featuring collaborator Deathpact, “Chemical Bond.” The two have previously collaborated on Beyond The Senses single “Kiss of Death” and Certain Kind Of Magic single “Life & Death,” making this the third album in a row the two have worked together. (Spotify doesn’t list Beyond The Senses as a proper album, but the press release states Spiral is REZZ’s fourth album, so we’re going with their interpretation.)

“Chemical Bond” starts off with some pretty heavy-handed synth work that feels like an insane rapper is about to lay down a flow, but instead, we get the minimal bass for which we’ve come to know both artists. At just over two minutes, it doesn’t feel like there’s a lot of time to really get into the track, so it will be interesting to see where in the flow of the album this song is placed.

In 2021, REZZ has put forth three distinct collaborations, “Sacrificial” with PVRIS, “Hypnocurrency” with deadmau5, and “Taste of You” featuring Dove Cameron, apparently none of which will be on the album if “Chemical Bond” is the “first single.” Check out “Chemical Bond” below.

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