REZZ Chooses isqa To Release Her Debut Single Outside Of Her Own Label HypnoVizion

REZZ released her own music, Nightmare on Rezz Street 2, in October to introduce her new label, HypnoVizion. Now, just a few months later, the first release by an outside artist arrives, and what a fantastic chance this is to bring back the amazing project that is isqa. In 2013, Southern Californian Jordan Orcaz released his 10-track first album, Tetraform, under the stage name isqa. Before deciding to change direction and concentrate on a new project, Orcaz released a number of EPs on DUSTLA, remixes, and independent releases.

No Mana, Orcaz’s second project, demonstrated a shift away from the eccentric isqa sound and toward tracks centered around melodies, vocals, and dance-centric rhythms. REZZ, who is now in charge of curating the sound of her label HypnoVizion, which debuted in October 2022, has chosen isqa for the first release in addition to her own. When REZZ performed an old isqa tune called “Ghosts” during Electric Daisy Carnival 2022, she attracted the attention of her followers and began to entice Orcaz back to his beginnings in dark, experimental electronic music.

Before joining HypnoVizion for the release of I 4ove you, Orcaz spent the next five months creating the 30-minute audio-visual production I should’ve been dead” to debut brand-new music under the isqa moniker. I 4ove you is brimming with dazzling synthesizers, exquisite sound design, lovely melodies, and arrangements that seem just familiar enough to simulate familiarity, true to form and as if the project never departed. We should expect some extremely fascinating releases as HypnoVizion expands and changes if this is the general path the label is on.