Revolutionize Your Playlist: The Disco Biscuits Drop Their Ninth Studio Album, ‘Revolution in Motion’

Today, The Disco Biscuits have released their ninth studio album, “Revolution in Motion,” a sprawling space-themed saga comprising 14 impressive tracks. Produced by Derek VanScoten (Cloudchord), the album was unveiled in four parts, each accompanied by 3D animated films by Blunt Action.

The storyline follows aliens observing humans in New York City, only to be challenged by The Disco Biscuits, who then accompany the aliens to their home planet to demonstrate the power of music in resolving conflicts. All 14 tracks have been meticulously refined over a two-year period, with many becoming staples in the band’s live performances. This deliberate and thoughtful approach to the music is evident throughout this captivating project, showcasing the band’s creative talents and serving as both a labor of love and a testament to their artistic vision.