REVIEW: Rosewood Bangkok with our point of view

Standing along the busy Ploenchit Road is Rosewood Bangkok, the 30-storey hotel is one of the latest additions to Thailand’s booming hospitality scene offering an experience reflective of its locale. Here, the rich Thai culture can be seen from the get-go as the building is designed to resemble the “wai”—the Thai gesture of hands pressed together in greeting.

The design duo of Tandem Architects, Kohn Pederson Fox and Celia Chu Design Associates, continues to pay homage to the country’s capital, most notably with the dramatic 10-storey indoor waterfall. The element of water is particularly important to the Thais as it symbolises peace and harmony, and it is often used in rites and rituals.

Aside from the statement-making features, a big part that contributes to the hotel’s design splendour is the consistency in the décor. Rich materials and finishes are expressed in a soothing, neutral color palette. This is especially evident in the 159 guestrooms, where the modern interiors are complemented with commanding views of the metropolis.

Rosewood Bangkok also upholds its “A Sense of Place” philosophy with plenty of collaborative works with the local talents such as interdisciplinary artist Jiandyin, who created the metalwork sculpture in the entryway. Meanwhile, the hotel’s “Art Connection” area regularly showcases multimedia works by emerging Thai artists such as Kittaya Poolsawatdi.

When it comes to gastronomic offerings, the Thai delicacies at the Lakorn European Brasserie are a must-try. But if guests aren’t feeling so adventurous, the restaurant also offers classic Western dishes. Those who prefer healthier selections will find the farm-to-table concept at G&O organic café quite appealing.

Cocktail connoisseurs are similarly pampered at Rosewood Bangkok. Located on the 30th floor of the property, Lennon’s is a speakeasy-style bar meets home-recording studio. Endowed with a large collection of vinyl records, the bar sells handcrafted cocktails themed to favourite musical genres of past decades and revives classic cocktails with rare vintage spirits dating between the 1940s to the 1970s.

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This article was written by Nikita Nawawi of L’OFFICIEL Malaysia.