Reveal Your Nail Glam: Dive into the Hottest Deep French Manicure Trends of 2023-2024!

In the ever-evolving realm of fashion, the French manicure has staged a triumphant comeback, and its modern avatar—the deep French manicure—is stealing the limelight. A-listers like Cardi B, Jlo, and Hailey Bieber are setting trends with their chic deep French nails, gracing red carpets and Instagram feeds, fueling the trend’s resurgence.

The Evolution of Deep French Manicure: What Sets It Apart?

While the classic French tip had its heyday in the nineties, the deep French manicure has carved its niche by introducing a thicker tip that seamlessly extends to the base color. This distinctive twist creates a visually striking and contrasting effect, making it an undeniable eye-catcher.

Dive into the Trend: 10 Styles of Deep French Manicure

1. Classic Deep French Nails

Featuring Classic deep French Manicure


Celebrities in Hollywood, such as Kylie Jenner and Millie Bobby Brown, adore the simplicity and elegance of these “vanilla French manicures.” Perfect for minimalists, this manicure quietly commands attention, akin to the allure of no-makeup makeup looks.

2. Ombré Deep French Nails


A minimalist take on chic, this style nods to the classic French manicure while staying on-trend in 2023. Begin with the deep French tip and seamlessly blend the tip color with the base using a wet sponge, resulting in an elegant and attention-grabbing manicure.

3. Rainbow Deep French Tip Nails

As we approach 2024, unleash your creativity with a vibrant rainbow twist on deep French tips. Replace the classic white with an array of hues, creating a breathtaking and colorful outcome.

4. Flipped Deep French Tips

A true masterpiece showcased by Selena Gomez at Vax Live: The Concert to Reunite the World. This unique deep French manicure incorporates three colors, extending the artistry to the backside of the nails. The stunning white tip against a black base color reveals a bold blood-red flip side, radiating a glamorous vibe.

5. Neon Deep French Tips

Featuring neon deep French nail tips


Embrace the neon trend in deep French manicures. Elevate a simple outfit or coordinate with a neon ensemble—this funky manicure guarantees to capture attention and make a statement.

6. Bejeweled Deep French

Hands showcasing bejeweled deep French manicure


For a bold nail statement, opt for this trendy 3D nail design. Deck your nails out with sparkles for a divine look, especially on long nails, stealing the spotlight in any conversation.

7. Stiletto Deep French

Not for the faint of heart, as seen on Lizzo at the BRIT Awards in 2022. Her stiletto deep French pink nails added to her dream-like appearance, making it a perfect choice for those daring to go all out with long nails.

8. Nude and Gold Deep French

Featuring nude and golden deep French manicure


In the realm of all things nude and gold, this manicure subtly captivates with its gold glitter powder and nude shade. The glitter graces the tips, while the nude shade serves as the base, making a silent yet bold statement.

9. Black Deep French Manicure

Featuring white and black deep French manicure


Where there is white, there ought to be black. Similar to the classic version, the black-tipped French manicure has its dedicated audience. Consider double-lining with white for added visual impact.

10. Cow Print Deep French Tip Nails

Featuring cow print deep French manicure


Cow prints emerge as one of the coolest manicure trends of 2023, finding their way into deep French manicures. Experiment with colors for a striking contrast with the white tips, blending cuteness and elegance into one delightful package.

The Timeless Appeal of Deep French Manicure

While the classic French tip holds a special place in our hearts, the diverse options within the deep French manicure trend position it as a game-changer for the nail industry. From timeless Bright Whites to elegant Black French tips and playful Rainbow French tips, there’s a choice for every outfit. In essence, with its distinctive look and undeniable elegance, the deep French manicure proves to be a gift that keeps on giving.