Revamp Your Style: Dive into Khy’s Fifth Drop, Curated by Kylie Jenner

Introducing the fifth drop from Kylie Jenner‘s fashion label, Khy, in collaboration with London designer Natasha Zinko. This collection features denim pieces and deconstructed tees. The denim comes in classic low rise, high rise, and straight leg fits, available in light, medium, and dark washes. Tees include a one-shoulder cinching design and a long sleeve tie tee, both made from soft jersey cotton. Prices range from $48 to $118.

The One Shoulder Cinching Tee is a standout piece, featuring a corset waist and made from jersey cotton for a classic yet comfortable look.

Meanwhile, the Classic Low Rise Denim offers a relaxed fit at the hips, crafted from premium denim with a lived-in feel.

For those seeking a chic open-back style, the Long Sleeve Tie Tee is made from lightweight jersey cotton, perfect for creating a timeless statement.

Completing the collection is the Classic Straight Leg Denim, a mid-rise style that elongates and flatters the figure.

Additionally, the One Shoulder Twist Tee adds a unique touch with its one-sleeve design and ribbed neckline, also made from jersey cotton.